New anti-burglary solution in a
security-as-a-service model

Success Story: Homeguard AG

Working with Homeguard AG, Netrics AG designed a new type of security system for homes and businesses and based it in the cloud. A few months on from the market launch, SwissHomeguard – as the start-up's innovative solution is called – is already protecting more than 100 properties with over 500 cameras. The young company's portfolio is a response to growing security needs in Switzerland, and this pioneering solution closes a gap in the market.

Homeguard AG's aim was to set new standards in the field with a state-of-the-art solution, combining a burglary and vandalism deterrent, alert system and video monitor.



Homeguard AG is a young company whose SwissHomeguard solution offers the answer to a growing need for security in Switzerland. SwissHomeguard was designed as a camera- and video-based solution that incorporates the human factor. The result is an affordable security solution that combines an efficient security-as-a-service element, based in the Netrics cloud, with a physically staffed alarm center.


Industry: security

Netrics_Icon_Wegweiser_green_RGB Starting situation
  • Market launch with the «Homeguard» product
  • Can the idea really be translated into a functioning solution?
  • Is the concept technically feasible?
  • How can the security solution be made affordable for the end client?
Netrics_Icon_Zukunft_sichern_green_RGB Goals
  • Focus on the core business
  • Data center with high infrastructure availability 
Netrics_Icon_Flagge_green_RGB Solution
  • Cloud as highly scalable performance source.
  • Security-as-a-service (SaaS) model makes the solution affordable for private users
  • Hosting solution with dedicated hardware

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