«Cloud operations can only succeed if the migration is implemented successfully.»


Steel trader SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ decided to switch to an IT infrastructure-as-a-service model rather than updating its own data center. It outsourced its entire IT infrastructure to Netrics' virtual data center. The SLA-based service frees up the business' IT department, and SIPRO benefits from greater flexibility and availability.



SIPRO® STAHL SCHWEIZ is one of Switzerland's leading steel suppliers and trades in long products, including general construction steel and high-grade (engineering) steels, as well as various specialist products.

Website: www.siprostahl.ch

Industry: trade, construction materials

Number of employees: 45 users

Netrics_Icon_Wegweiser_green_RGB Starting situation
  • In-house data center had become outdated
Netrics_Icon_Zukunft_sichern_green_RGB Goals
  • Take the pressure off the IT department, focus on core business
  • Cut costs and ensure cost transparency
  • SLA-based availability, outsource responsibility
Netrics_Icon_Flagge_green_RGB Solution
  • All servers in Netrics' virtual data center (VDC)
  • Cloud model: hybrid cloud – Netrics' private cloud and Office 365

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