Maximum availability and reliability for an online shop

Success story: electrical wholesaler

As the Swiss market leader in its field, the company records an extremely high volume of transactions. Geo-redundancy ensures maximum availability of the wholesaler's services, significantly reducing the risk of lost revenue. The end clients, on the other hand, benefit from uninterrupted use of all the online functions around the clock. 

Because consolidation means that the different systems are now much more closely aligned in terms of network technology, performance has been optimized – benefits include shorter loading times for the pages of the online shop, faster inventory updates, and more besides. The company's employees are also benefiting from the improved reliability. Day-to-day tasks involving the ERP system can be carried out efficiently and without disruption at any time. 

The current architecture also allows flexible adaptation in step with the development of the business and all future digital transformation requirements. 

Netrics_Icon_Wegweiser_green_RGB Starting situation
  • Performance improvement, hardware was replaced with newer components to make e-commerce run more efficiently
Netrics_Icon_Zukunft_sichern_green_RGB Goals
  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity 

  • The private cloud environment is to be transitioned to a geo-redundant setup, distributed across two geographically separate data centers
Netrics_Icon_Flagge_green_RGB Solution
  • New HP server, new hardware, load balancer, firewall, new storage connection for the environment, ToR switch
  • Cloud model: private cloud

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