«Microsoft 365 and Azure saved us
CHF 75,000 a year.»

Success Story:
Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG

Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG (BEI) started out with Swiss data storage requirements and the Netrics private cloud. Easing of compliance regulations made EU data storage an acceptable option, and BEI decided to migrate to Microsoft's public cloud. In doing so, BEI killed two birds with one stone: it lowered its IT expenditure by CHF 75,000 a year and now always has the latest software. Netrics performed the migration process and provides ongoing Premium support.



Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG (BEI) is a well-connected, constantly growing consultancy firm that employs staff throughout Europe. BEI transforms knowledge acquired from academia and research into practical solutions.

Website:  www.bei-sg.ch

Industry: service provider, corporate consulting

Number of employees: approx. 100 users

Netrics_Icon_Wegweiser_green_RGB Starting situation
  • All data in a private cloud (VDC) operated by Netrics (IaaS)
  • Office 365 hybrid installation with data storage in Switzerland
Netrics_Icon_Zukunft_sichern_green_RGB Goals
  • Migrate all data to Microsoft's public cloud (SaaS)
  • Software that's always up-to-date
  • Cut costs
Netrics_Icon_Flagge_green_RGB Solution
  • Microsoft 365 with EU data storage
  • SharePoint Online
  • All other data on Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud model: public cloud

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